Calipari receives highest Kentucky honor yet

That's right: Kentucky coach John Calipari got his face on a special-edition bottle of bourbon. In the Commonwealth, it doesn't get any more prestigious than that.

According to Brett Dawson of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the immediately successful Kentucky coach will be the face of a royal blue version of Maker's Mark's classic wax bottle cover. The limited run of 24,000 bottles will be available throughout Kentucky starting April 2. The estimated price is $49. That strikes me as a lot of money for a bottle of regular old Maker's Mark, but for a crazed UK fan base obsessed with all things Calipari -- rightfully so, given the speed of Kentucky's post-Billy Gillispie turnaround -- let's just say I doubt the price will prove too prohibitive.

The only question: Do you pop that bottle? Do you savor the flavors and hope the brown liquid provides some positive bluegrass karma for Calipari's offseason recruiting efforts? (As if he needs it.) Or do you let it sit on your bar, next to the rest of the special bottles you've paid too much money for in the past, a reminder of a season that exceeded every Kentucky fan's already-high expectations? The path is yours, blue-clad bourbon drinker. Choose wisely.