Biggest adjustments from HS to college

The college basketball regular season is officially over, and conference tournament action is upon us.

Every season the college basketball landscape is filled with freshmen who were highly touted coming out of high school. Some play up to those lofty reputations immediately, some do in time, and others never pan out.

When a player goes from his senior year in high school to his first year in college, he is really starting his athletic career all over again. To adjust -- and thrive -- in a new, highly competitive environment, every freshman must understand there is a huge learning curve involved. What once came easy is now much more difficult. Freshmen in college have to learn a new system, new terminology, and how to play with new teammates. Not to mention dealing with a larger academic workload, as well as media attention and travel schedules.

After coaching and recruiting in the college game for 20 years and speaking to some of current freshmen -- who were ranked in our ESPNU 100 last season -- here is a look at some of the biggest adjustments high school seniors have to make in order to in the college game.

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