No more perfect brackets; 1 with 1 loss

There are no more perfect brackets and just one bracket (out of 6.45 million) to get 27 of 28 games correct heading into the last set of games (http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/en/entry?entryID=840865). This bracket did get the Lehigh-Duke win but not the Norfolk State-Missouri upset.

There are another 40 brackets with just two losses.

31,183 brackets picked both Lehigh and Norfolk State to win in the round of 64.

24,492 brackets picked Lehigh, Norfolk State and Ohio to win.

Lehigh upsets Duke

1.2 percent of brackets out of 6.45 million picked the Lehigh upset. Just 1,020 brackets have Lehigh winning it all (fourth fewest overall), compared to the 838 picking Norfolk State to win.

3.7 percent of all brackets had Duke winning the championship (eighth-most) and 12.9 percent reaching the Final Four (the lowest of all the No. 2 seeds).

Ohio upsets Michigan

Just 11.7 percent of brackets picked the Bobcats over the Wolverines. 4.2 percent of brackets have Ohio in the Sweet 16, but that is the highest total among the 13 seeds.