30-2 the best bracket after Round of 64

After a crazy evening of upsets, there are no more perfect brackets (out of 6.45 million) in Tournament Challenge. In fact, the best record after the Round of 64 is 30-2, shared by just four people. Another 49 brackets went 29-3. There were five brackets that went 5-27 in the Round of 64, the worst brackets entered. Another 21 brackets had just six wins in the Round of 64.

The number of total perfect brackets was slashed to just two after No. 15 seed Norfolk State's upset of Missouri, and then Saint Louis' win over Memphis did in the final two perfect brackets. The simultaneous upsets by No. 15 Lehigh (over Duke) and No. 13 seed Ohio (over Michigan) slashed the number of high-scoring brackets even further. USF's win over Temple and Xavier's win over Notre Dame further leveled the playing field.

Percentage of brackets picking the major upsets on Friday:

  • 1.18 percent Lehigh over Duke

  • 1.20 percent Norfolk State over Missouri

  • 11.7 percent Ohio over Michigan

And yes, there were those who picked more than one of those upsets:

  • 24,492 brackets picked Lehigh, Norfolk State and Ohio to win in the Round of 64.

  • 31,183 brackets picked both Lehigh and Norfolk State to win in the Round of 64; 17,762 have Lehigh and Norfolk State in the Sweet 16.

  • 40,289 brackets picked both Lehigh and Ohio to win in the Round of 64; 18,223 to the Sweet 16.

  • 40,837 brackets picked both Norfolk State and Ohio to win the Round of 64; 17,696 to the Sweet 16

Notes on Friday's big upsets and its effect on the Tournament Challenge game:

Norfolk State over Missouri

1.2 percent of 6.45 million Tournament Challenge brackets selected Norfolk State to win in the Round of 64, the fifth-lowest total. And just 838 brackets have Norfolk State winning it all, the fewest of all the teams in the tournament.

The timing of the loss knocked down the number of perfect brackets in the game at that time from 1,607 to just 2.

Missouri was one of the most popular picks in the game with 7.1 percent of brackets had Missouri winning it all, the fourth-most popular pick. The Tigers were the third-most popular pick to reach the Final Four at 40.8 percent. That includes President Obama's bracket.

Lehigh over Duke

1.18 percent of brackets out of 6.45 million picked the Lehigh upset. Just 1,020 brackets have Lehigh winning it all (fourth fewest overall), compared to the 838 picking Norfolk State to win.

3.7 percent of all brackets had Duke winning the championship (eighth-most) and 12.9 percent reaching the Final Four (the lowest of all the No. 2 seeds).

Duke/Missouri Tournament Challenge facts

  • 4 percent of brackets had both Duke and Missouri meeting in the Final Four.

  • Interestingly, while Duke and Missouri were both picked to win in the Round of 64 in 98.8 percent of brackets (best among No. 2 seeds), they had the least support among the No. 2 seeds to reach the Sweet 16 (Kansas, 90.6 percent; Ohio State, 87.6 percent; Duke 86.4 percent; Missouri, 84.8 percent).

Ohio over Michigan

Just 11.7 percent of brackets picked the Bobcats over the Wolverines. While 4.2 percent of brackets have Ohio in the Sweet 16, that is the highest total among the 13 seeds. Ohio is picked in 1,405 brackets to win it all.

Other notes from Friday's action:

  • 46,796 brackets (0.7 percent) have No. 15 Lehigh facing No. 10 Xavier in the Round of 32.

  • No. 11 seed NC State was actually a slight favorite (50.4 percent) in its win over No. 6 seed San Diego State. And 18.5 percent of brackets have NC State in the Sweet 16.

  • Just 28.2 percent of brackets picked No. 9 seed Saint Louis to win. No. 12 seed USF was picked to win in 24.3 percent of brackets. However, just 1.6 percent of brackets have Saint Louis in the Sweet 16, compared to 6.3 percent for USF.

  • While Kentucky is the most popular pick to win it all, reach the title game and reach the Final Four, North Carolina has the most brackets reaching the Sweet 16 (94.9 percent-92.2 percent) and Elite Eight (85.5-84.4).

President Obama's bracket

After a solid 14-2 effort on Thursday, the president went 10-6 on Friday. He lost a Final Four team in Missouri and two more Sweet 16 teams in Duke and Michigan (he did not have the Blue Devils in the Elite Eight, though). He currently sits in the 97.1 percentile in the game.

Round of 64 records (Total record; Friday; Thursday records; percentile)

President Obama: (24-8; 10-6; 14-2; 97.1)

Dick Vitale: (21-11; 9-7; 12-4; 58.0)

Jay Bilas: (26-6; 12-4; 14-2; 99.9)

Andy Katz: (20-12; 9-7; 11-5; 37.1)

Doug Gottlieb: (18-14; 8-8; 10-6; 10.2)

Mike Greenberg: (17-15; 7-9; 10-6; 4.8)

Mike Golic: (24-8; 11-5; 13-3; 97.1)

Colin Cowherd: (20-12; 8-8; 12-4; 37.1)

Michelle Beadle: (22-10; 9-7; 13-3; 78.4)

Michael Wilbon: (24-8; 12-4; 12-4; 97.1)

Tony Kornheiser: (21-11; 10-6; 11-5; 58.0)

Scott Van Pelt: (21-11; 10-6; 11-5; 58.0)

LeBron James: (18-14; 7-9; 11-5; 10.2)

Chalk bracket (picking all higher seeds): (22-10; 8-8; 14-2; 78.4)

America's bracket: (22-10; 9-7; 13-3; 78.4)