After calmer Saturday, a four-way tie

On a day in which all the higher-seeded teams won, 8.95 percent of 6.45 million brackets got all eight games correct Saturday. It was a far cry from Friday's upset-filled day.

There are four brackets tied for the Tournament Challenge lead at 450 points, getting all eight games right on Saturday and missing just three games each in the round of 64. (There were four brackets with two losses, and 49 with three losses, in the round of 64.)

Each of the four leaders missed the Norfolk State and Lehigh upsets, and three of the brackets have either Duke or Missouri winning the title. (Note: The grand prize winner in the game is not necessarily the bracket with the most points at the end of the tournament. The winner is drawn from a pool of brackets to finish among the top 1 percent.)

Even though all the higher seeds won on Saturday, there was one "upset" when it came to Tournament Challenge user picks. No. 4 seed Wisconsin was the underdog in Tournament Challenge brackets, picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 41.3 percent of brackets, compared to 52.3 percent for No. 5 seed Vanderbilt. The Badgers had the least support among top-four seeds to reach the Sweet 16.

Other Tournament Challenge notes from Saturday's games:

  • Picking an all-chalk bracket would net 380 points in the game and place in the 97.4 percentile right now.

  • Indiana was the other team beside Wisconsin to reach the Sweet 16 that was named in fewer than 60 percent of brackets (53.2 percent)

  • Syracuse had the fewest brackets among the top two seeds to reach the Sweet 16 (80.9 percent).

President Obama's bracket

The president went 7-1 on Saturday (only missing the Louisville game) and now has 380 points, good for the 97.4 percentile overall (although he is already down one Final Four team in Missouri). Also worth noting for Sunday's action is that he took No. 11 NC State over No. 3 Georgetown as his one major Cinderella team.

And speaking of Sunday's action, with a whole bunch of Cinderellas playing after pulling off upsets on Friday, here's how many users picked them to go to the Sweet 16:

No. 15 Norfolk State: 0.5 percent

No. 15 Lehigh: 0.54 percent

No. 13 Ohio: 4.2 percent

No. 12 USF: 6.3 percent

No. 11 NC State: 18.5 percent (President Obama has NC State in the Sweet 16)

No. 10 Purdue: 3.5 percent

No. 10 Xavier: 5 percent

No. 9 Saint Louis: 1.6 percent

Meanwhile, the percentage of brackets that picked these double-digit seeds facing off:

No. 10 Xavier vs. No. 15 Lehigh: 0.73 percent

No. 12 USF vs. No. 13 Ohio: 3.5 percent

Notable brackets (total points; percentile)

President Obama: (380; 97.4)

Dick Vitale: (310; 38.6)

Jay Bilas: (380; 97.4)

Andy Katz: (280; 16.0)

Doug Gottlieb: (260; 7.9)

Mike Greenberg: (270; 11.3)

Mike Golic: (360; 86.8)

Colin Cowherd: (360; 86.8)

Michelle Beadle: (340; 69.6)

Michael Wilbon: (360; 86.8)

Tony Kornheiser: (350; 79.0)

Scott Van Pelt: (310; 38.6)

LeBron James: (280; 16.0)

Chalk bracket (picking all higher seeds): (380; 97.4)

America's bracket: (360; 86.8)