Bobby Gonzalez isn't going to like this

As if Bobby Gonzalez's 2009-10 season wasn't already going bad enough.

Seton Hall appeared to have the sort of team capable of making the NCAA tournament early in the season, and the Pirates haven't played that poorly; they currently sit at 18-11 overall and 9-9 in the Big East. That's just below South Florida, and just below a batch of teams that are likely to make the NCAA tournament. Still, though, a tournament berth will likely require a Big East conference tournament win, meaning Gonzalez is set to complete his fourth year at the school without a tournament visit. Rest assured, that was not part of the plan.

Nor, I imagine, was having the New York Times write a long, well-reported story about how pretty much no one likes you. But here it is! (And here's a sidebar on Gonzalez's time at Manhattan, where, you guessed it, pretty much no one liked him either.)

You'll have to go read the stories to get the full effect, but this quote from the sidebar should be a pretty decent indicator of what you're in for:

To illustrate just how difficult Bobby Gonzalez was to manage when he coached at Manhattan College from 1999 to 2006, Athletic Director Bob Byrnes told a story about the bus company Manhattan used to travel to games. “The guy who runs the bus company called me and said something to the effect of: ‘I have 131 drivers that drive for us. But we’re down to one guy that will drive for Bobby Gonzalez,’ ” Byrnes said.

Uh, yeah. I have a feeling Gonzalez isn't going to like this. Which means Seton Hall's Big East tournament games should be thoroughly awesome. Well, the postgame press conferences, anyway.