Thursday puts dent in more brackets

Only 0.3 percent of brackets (18,562 total out of 6.45 million) got all four of the Sweet 16 games correct on Thursday, thanks in large part to the West Region, where underdogs Louisville and Florida reached the Elite Eight.

Louisville's upset of No. 1 seed Michigan State had the biggest effect on brackets Thursday. The Spartans were picked in 70.9 percent of brackets to reach the Elite Eight, the fourth-most popular in the game, and were picked to win it all in 7.5 percent of brackets (third-most in the game). Meanwhile, Florida was picked to reach the Elite Eight in just 6.4 percent of brackets, by far the lowest number of Thursday's winners, while Louisville was picked on just 19 percent of brackets. Altogether, just 1.5 percent of brackets have the Louisville-Florida matchup in the Elite Eight.

Over in the East Region, 25.1 percent correctly picked the Syracuse-Ohio State matchup, although that number is the lowest of the potential No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchups in a regional final.

The leader in the game currently has 720 points after getting all four games right Thursday. It was one of the three brackets to get every Sweet 16 teams correct. Interesting to note is that bracket has Indiana and Xavier reaching the Elite Eight out of the South Region.

President Obama's bracket

The President went 2-2 on Thursday, getting both games right in the East Region, but missing both in the West (he had Missouri coming out of that bracket). He's still in the 97th percentile with three of his Final Four teams still alive.

Looking ahead to Friday:

Percentage of brackets picking these potential Elite Eight matchups:

North Carolina-Kansas: 63.9 percent

North Carolina-NC State: 2.6 percent

Ohio-Kansas: 9,211 (0.1 percent)

Ohio-NC State: 2,913

Kentucky-Baylor: 38.7 percent

Kentucky-Xavier: 0.7 percent (46,673)

Indiana-Baylor: 2.7 percent

Indiana-Xavier: 0.1 percent (8,485)

Brackets to pick national champion among remaining teams (reaching Final Four in parentheses)

Kentucky: 35.1 percent (68.3 percent)

North Carolina 17.9 percent (57 percent)

Kansas: 6.2 percent (30.1 percent)

Syracuse: 5.1 percent (22.8 percent)

Ohio State: 4.8 percent (34.4 percent)

Baylor: 1.7 percent (10.6 percent)

Louisville: 0.8 percent (6.8 percent)

Florida: 0.3 percent (2.4 percent)

NC State: 0.2 percent (1 percent)

Xavier: 2,886 total (0.3 percent)

Ohio: 1,405 total (0.1 percent)

Notable brackets (Total points, percentile; Final Four teams remaining)

President Obama: (540; 97.0; 3)

Jay Bilas: (500; 85.7; 3)

Dick Vitale: (370; 18.5; 3)

Doug Gottlieb: (450; 58.7; 4)

Mike Greenberg: (420; 39.4; 3)

Mike Golic: (540; 97.0; 3)

Colin Cowherd: (500; 85.7; 3)

Michelle Beadle: (420; 39.4; 1)

Michael Wilbon: (480; 76.5; 1)

Tony Kornheiser: (490; 81.3; 3)

Scott Van Pelt: (490; 81.3; 3)

LeBron James: (400; 27.9; 3)

Chalk bracket (picking all higher seeds): (520; 93.2; 3)

America's bracket: (500; 85.7; 11/3)