Ronald Nored hired at Indiana high school

The coaching carousel is in full swing these days, with jobs opening and vacancies filling and Illinois news conferences just begging to be held. (How has this not happened yet?) But forget Frank Martin and South Carolina. The best hire of the week goes to ... Brownsburg High School in Brownsburg, Ind.

Why? Because Brownsburg tapped Butler senior guard Ronald Nored -- whose final season at the school concluded in recent weeks -- to be its newest head boys' basketball coach. Nored was introduced at a news conference Wednesday morning. According to Indianapolis Star preps reporter Kyle Neddenriep -- and no surprise to anyone that covered Nored in his four seasons at Butler -- the 22-year-old already has the whole "win the news conference" routine down pat. Oh, and he already has a particularly important alum in his corner: Current Utah Jazz guard, former Butler star and Brownsburg native Gordon Hayward:

“I texted him and said, ‘Gotta talk,’” Nored said. “He wrote, ‘What do we gotta talk about? So when he called me back I told him I had the chance to be the head basketball coach at Brownsburg. He said, ‘What? Are you serious? You better do that. You can’t turn that down.’ The fact that Gordon was so excited about it was good for me because Gordon and I are so close that he can be honest about things with me. If he thought it wasn’t a good decision, he would have told me that and I would have respected it. But his excitement got me excited for it as well and definitely had some input in my decision.”

That almost makes Nored's decision sound like a lark -- Dude! You should totally do that! It'd be awesome! -- but the man is dead serious about his coaching career. He's been spotted coaching on the sidelines at AAU events, and he's made clear his desire to one day join Butler coach Brad Stevens' full-time staff.

The Brownsburg job will be both a challenge and an opportunity. According to Neddenriep, Brownsburg is one of the "best jobs" in the Indianapolis area, replete with young talent. As such, there was no shortage of interest in the gig: Nored beat out 50 other applicants, including many with long-time head coaching experience, for the gig. But Nored will be by far the most inexperienced coach in his conference: Only two of his Hoosier Crossroads Conference counterparts have fewer than 11 years experience.

In any case, Brownsburg's hire strikes this humble blogger as incredibly smart. Not only is Nored an excellent coach in the making -- a funny, energetic dude that studied under Stevens for four years and went to two national title games in the process -- but his hiring is the ultimate media coup.

After all, I did just write a post about Brownsburg High School boys' basketball. So, you know, case in point.