Insider: The 2012 All-Giant Killers team

Walter Offutt's tournament performance landed him on this year's All-Giant Killer team. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Well, it's that time of year again here. The last double-digit seeds in the NCAA tournament were knocked out two rounds ago. We've stretched our Giant Killers model to new heights of speculation, and drawn as many lessons as we can from the results. There's not a whole lot left to do except to click 'Save As' on our spreadsheets for the last time.

And we'd also like to thank you for all your feedback. We are seriously proud of the loyalty of our readers to Giant Killers, and of the thoughtfulness of the ideas you have sent to us, both in the comments to our posts and via the GK Mailbag. And we will be incorporating your suggestions over the coming months, as we make what will almost certainly be the biggest changes yet to our Giant Killers statistical model.

Of course, we also need to add the final cherry to this edition of the GK sundae: the third annual All-Giant Killers Team. As you might remember, last year we awarded naming rights to this squad to honor two members of the 2004 and 2005 UAB Blazers, the first and, and until VCU this year, only Killers to slay Giants in back-to-back tournaments. In 2004, the Blazers, a No. 9 seed, knocked off Kentucky, a No. 1, and then in 2005 they beat LSU in an 11-6 matchup.

Over those two seasons, the Blazers stole the ball on nearly 16 percent of opponent possessions, while hardly ever turning the ball over. If you want an example of how they played, check out this video of Ronell Taylor swiping a Kentucky pass and passing it, backward, two-handed and over his head, to his twin brother Donell. We like to think that's how we throw stats around here at GK Central.

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