Bracket Challenge with one game to go

A total of 9.8 percent of 6.45 million brackets in Tournament Challenge correctly predicted the Kentucky-Kansas matchup for the national title. (In contrast, just 881 brackets of 5.9 million correctly predicted last year's Butler-UConn national title matchup.) Another 50.6 percent of brackets correctly predicted at least one team to reach the finals.

A whopping 52 percent of brackets had Kentucky in the national title game, while Kansas was named on 18.2 percent of brackets.

Altogether, 35.1 percent of brackets picked Kentucky to win it all (by far the most popular pick in the game), while 6.2 percent have Kansas (fifth-most popular).

There's a five-way tie atop the leaderboard with 1,460 points. Four of the brackets have Kentucky winning it all, the other picking Kansas. However, the grand prize winner is not necessarily the one with the most points after the title game on Monday, but rather a drawing of the top 1 percent scorers.

President Obama's bracket

The president did have Kentucky reaching the national title game to add a few more points to his total, but he had North Carolina winning it all, so he can't score any more points. He's at 1,020 points, good for the 90.6 percentile for now, but he'll drop a bit after Monday's title game.

Bill Plaschke's bracket

The Around the Horn panelist is currently ranked 734th overall in the game with 1,360 points, as he picked all the Final Four teams and the national title game matchup of Kentucky and Kansas. Plaschke picked Kentucky to win it all.

Notable brackets (Total points, percentile; National champion pick)

President Obama: (1020; 90.6; North Carolina)

Jay Bilas: (940; 81.2; Kentucky)

Andy Katz: (860; 65.4; Kentucky)

Dick Vitale: (690; 32.8; Kentucky)

Doug Gottlieb: (930; 79.5; North Carolina)

Mike Greenberg: (620; 22.8; North Carolina)

Mike Golic: (1,020; 90.6; Kentucky)

Colin Cowherd: (940; 81.2; Kentucky)

Michelle Beadle: (460; 5.9; Baylor)

Michael Wilbon: (840; 61.2; Kentucky)

Tony Kornheiser: (930; 79.5; North Carolina)

Scott Van Pelt: (970; 85.5; Kentucky)

LeBron James: (840; 61.2; Kentucky)

Chalk bracket (picking all higher seeds): (880; 70.3; Kentucky)

America's bracket: (940; 81.2; Kentucky)