3-point shot: Recruit recounts New Orleans

1. The NCAA would have had a field day trying to keep fans and a top recruit separate Sunday night. It was hard to miss ESPNU 100 No. 1 player Nerlens Noel walking down Bourbon Street with a host of other high school All-Americans. There were hundreds of Kentucky fans walking in the opposite direction and a number noticed Noel, yelling out to him to go to UK. Noel referenced the scene in his blog for ESPN.com. His decision will be either Kentucky, Georgetown or Syracuse.

2. I don’t understand why Keno Davis (Central Michigan), Bruce Weber (Kansas State) and Doug Wocjik (College of Charleston) can all get fired and hired and former Boston College coach Al Skinner can’t get a sniff. His record dwarfs Davis and Wojcik and as the all-time winningest coach at BC, Skinner can match Weber, too.

3. Ohio State coach Thad Matta said in New Orleans that Jared Sullinger promised him two years and that’s exactly what he received. Sullinger also was a winner during his tenure in Columbus, reaching the Final Four in his second season and winning a share of two Big Ten titles. Sullinger could have gone the route of Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina and stayed to see if he could win a title. But it’s hard to argue with his decision if he’s a lock for the lottery.