O'Neil: Greenberg not part of VT's plans

The most telling statement of Virginia Tech's unexpected press conference on Monday was also the most disingenuous.

Asked what a new coach could do to better foster the family environment Seth Greenberg's staff apparently lacked, athletic director Jim Weaver said, "I'm not here to throw Coach Greenberg under the bus, bottom line, so I'm going to pass on that question."

Well, technically Weaver was throwing Greenberg under the bus, running him over and backing up for good measure, firing his head basketball coach, or, as he said repeatedly, "terminating" him from his contract.

But rather than offering the usual platitudes and vacant stares, Weaver pulled the curtain back on Oz a little bit and offered insightful and even reasonable rationale to explain his decision to drive the bus.

There is no arguing this could have been handled better -- a lot better. Weaver said he and associate athletic director Tom Gabbard made their decision a week ago. Yet, apparently they couldn't find a break in the schedule until 1:30 p.m. ET Monday afternoon to inform Greenberg -- long after rumors started flying around the Internet that Greenberg was being let go.

Say what you want about Greenberg, he is a good man who put in nine years at Virginia Tech. He deserved to be the first, not among the last, to know he no longer had a job and the university's almost giddy link to its live stream of the press conference was borderline bad taste.

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