Jones delivers flowers after signing a baby

As he tried to save a loose ball in a Final Four matchup against Louisville, former Kentucky star Terrence Jones collided with a diminutive Cardinals cheerleader named Jerica Logue.

Jones is 6-foot-9, 252 pounds. Logue is a fraction of his size.

It wasn’t a pretty scene.

After the game, Jones apologized. He said he wanted to reach out to Logue but he didn’t know her name.

He said he wanted to send flowers as part of an apology for the accident that warranted four stitches --which she received at halftime -- for Logue.

On Monday, Jones fulfilled his promise and dropped off a bouquet for the cheerleader during a practice.

“For her to have to get stitches during the game and it being my fault … Me telling her I was [going] to do it, I just had to keep to my word,” Jones said in the clip from WHAS11.com.

Logue said she didn’t think Jones would deliver on his promise.

“I mean, I was really surprised, I think it’s really nice of him,” she said. “I know he said he was going to it but I didn’t actually think he would, so it was really nice.”

Yes, it’s a made-for-TV effort. Cameras seemed to capture each moment.

But it was also a nice gesture. And kudos on the arrangement.

It’s also a boost for Jones’ overall reputation. Some of the images from his career involve gruff stares and pouting. It’s not fair to judge his impressive career based on those moments alone but throughout the 2011-12 season, he had to address them.

After a lackluster game against Indiana during the regular season, coaches and commentators questioned his effort. He seemed distracted and disinterested in one of the worst games of his career. It seemed as though Kentucky’s title hopes were tied to Jones’ attitude.

Jones, however, was vital during Kentucky’s national title run. He had to make a tough adjustment as the veteran -- players who stay in school for more than a year are veterans now -- among a crew of talented freshmen last season. But he put himself aside and helped the Wildcats capture the crown.

Jones comes off as a nice guy in this clip. And he was equally cordial throughout the NCAA tournament and the Final Four.

On Sunday, Jones signed autographs for Kentucky fans, including a baby and a pregnant woman. He signed the latter’s stomach and put the photo on Instagram.

At this pace, he’ll enter a burning building and save three cats by Friday.

Jones’ marketing/PR folks are probably popping bottles right now. It’s been a good week for the former SEC star. And it’s only Tuesday.