Halftime thoughts: UCLA 37, Arizona 33

LOS ANGELES -- Arizona will need to win the Pac-10 tournament to keep its streak of 25 consecutive NCAA tournament berths alive but that added bit of motivation hasn’t seemed to spark the Wildcats, who came out about as flat as they’ve played this season. The only player who has shown much of anything is Nic Wise, who has 10 points.

Sean Miller has probably stayed in the coach’s box for about two seconds in the first half. While screaming, pleading and all but begging his players to pick up their intensity, he has been on the court and as far as the 3-point line while the ball is still in play. He almost hit Michael Roll when the UCLA senior hit a 3-pointer and was able to tap him on the back after he made the shot.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the first half was watching Bill Murray, wearing a red Arizona visor and a red and white wig, cheering wildly every time Arizona scores a basket. Murray's son, Luke, is a graduate assistant for the Wildcats.

Not only has it been a tough year for the Pac-10 on the court but they got no breaks in terms of attendance for their conference tournament with USC not participating and UCLA playing a Noon game with Arizona while class is in session. There are about 5,000 fans in attendance who look even smaller when you consider the Staples Center holds 20,000.