Brian Zoubek, cream puff connoisseur

When one asks of former college basketball players the question "Where are they now?" one never quite knows what one is going to get. In many cases, the answer is "Europe." Sometimes, it's a generalized "I think he's in the NBA." In the case of former Harvard standout Jeremy Lin, the answer is unknowable; I haven't heard or read anything about Jeremy Lin since he left Harvard and disappeared two years ago. (If you hear anything, be sure to let me know. I'm sure Lin's got an interesting story!)

In the case of Brian Zoubek, the former Duke center whose offensive rebounding cleared the way for the Blue Devils' 2010 national title, the answer is actually pretty awesome: cream puffs. Or, more precisely, "Dream Puffz," the name Zoubek has chosen for the cream puff bakery business he is planning to open in New Jersey. Told you the answer was awesome:

"I want to prove myself in something other than sports," he said on a recent weekday night after being grilled by the Historic Preservation Commission during a hearing for a sign for his new business, Dream Puffz. [...] He said he plans to open his bakery soon at 605 Haddon Ave., next to the Bread Board Plus restaurant. He said he won't actually make the cream puffs, but indicated the recipe was unique. "I've loved cream puffs my whole life. When I was growing up, I used to get them from another place in town."

Zoubek apparently had a technology store in New York with a group of fellow Duke graduates, one he has since left to pursue the cream puff bakery in his hometown in New Jersey. Before that, Zoubek missed his long shot at an NBA career thanks to a back injury. But clearly, the man is moving on in a decidedly delicious direction.

Besides, you never know what will catch on and make it big. First it was cupcakes, now (apparently) it is pie shops. Maybe cream puffs, or "Dream Puffz," will be the next big thing. When you see nontraditional cream puff stores staffing up on bearded bakers in Brooklyn, then you'll know. And Brian Zoubek will be paving the way. Tremendous.