Get well soon, Butler Blue II

So I get home from Tuesday night's pickup basketball just in time to see the final few possessions of a thoroughly satisfying Boston Celtics win -- I'm a Bulls fan, but I can't help but root for this team (and it doesn't hurt that they're playing Miami) -- which included not only a cold-blooded Paul Pierce dagger but also the now-infamous "Good Job, Good Effort" kid, which is either one of the funniest or saddest things I've seen all year.

Next up, I successfully dodged political news. Good mood status: intact. So I went to catch up on the late-night college hoops stuff, and lo and behold, but what to my wondering eyes should appear, comes the news that Butler Blue II is suffering from ... pneumonia? Pneumonia? Pneumonia! And so my good mood was officially ruined. I'm not even the one with pneumonia!

Anyway, there is good news: According to his Twitter feed -- where Blue II announced his diagnosis early Tuesday afternoon, followed by a stream of well-wishes and friendly comments -- Blue II is in line for some antibiotics and an IV and "should be back on the mend soon." As a dog owner, any semi-serious dog illness is scary, but it looks like the bacteria will blow over soon.

In the meantime, that means more run for -- you guessed it -- Butler Blue III! Blue III is Blue II's next-in-line, and he is almost mind-bendingly adorable. Blue III already subbed in at the last second for a scheduled appearance at the Mooresville, Ind., Kiwanis luncheon Tuesday. Such are the joys of having an understudy.

Anyway, point is ... get well soon, Blue II. You've got important business to attend to.