Racers in good hands with Canaan, Daniels

CHICAGO -- After watching Murray State point guard Isaiah Canaan and forward Edward Daniel work out at the Deron Williams and Amar’e Stoudemire Skills Academies, it’s not hard to see why the Racers racked up so many victories last season.

These two jump right at you with their energy, effort, intensity and toughness.

Canaan is a strong and powerful point guard who can handle, pass and knock down open jumpers with 3-point range. He plays in attack mode and dribbles through contact with ease where he scores, draws a foul or both.

Defensively, he pressures the ball, is an alert help-side defender, and understands help and recover situations.

"I just want to learn, get better and take it back to share it with my teammates,” Canaan said. “We are the leaders of our team, and we take this serious.”

Daniel welcomes contact as an undersized, productive power forward, and plays with great intensity. He posts up, finishes at the rim, attacks the offensive glass, and blocks shots on the ball or coming to the rescue from the weak side.

"I just want to add new moves to my game and get better on defense," Daniel said. “I am a power forward, but I am working on adding to my game so I can move out some.”

As a former college coach, I loved seeing Canaan and Daniel play hungry and at a high level on every possession.

"This is how we practice every day," Daniel said.

Translation: Murray State fans should be very excited about the upcoming season.