Get your hoops-biased ESPYS ballots in

Fellow hoops fans, lend me your ears. The ESPYS Awards voting is now open, and you, the Internet voter with time to kill at work on a Wednesday afternoon, are directly responsible for the winners. You can click here to get started on all of the categories. Or, if you prefer, you can merely vote for the college hoops-related categories. This year's awards feature six separate subsections with college basketball players, coaches or teams as nominees.

And the nominees ... drumroll, please ... are:

You may not need confirmation from the ESPYS Awards that what you saw when Norfolk State beat Missouri was indeed the greatest upset of the past 12 months. Maybe you prefer Lehigh vs. Duke. Either way, the memories will remain. But as someone who just rampaged through these categories in about 15 minutes, let me be the first to say that voting is actually really fun, and also that I definitely had to Google Lexi Thompson. My sports fandom has a ton of blind spots.

Anyway, let your sports superlative voice be heard! (Or don't. No hard feelings either way.)