See Ole Miss' well-produced workout tape

Thanks to the new NCAA rule allowing coaches to work with players for a few hours a week during the summer (provided those players are enrolled in summer school), most college practice gyms across the country look exactly like the one you'll see in the below video. Everyone's sweating and working out and carrying large objects in the summer heat. Sort of like Rocky in "Rocky 4", but with less snow.

In any case, I'm not sure I've ever seen a hoops program present said offseason workouts with the sort of stylized aesthetic you'll see below. The Ole Miss Rebels -- via athletic director Ross Bjork's Twitter feed -- released video of their offseason workouts by way of introduction to the Rebels crop of incoming 2012 players, and the production values are incredibly slick. To wit:

See? It's "30 for 30"-esque. It also features an air-kiss from incoming Junior College Player of the Year Marshall Henderson, which has caused at least some ambivalence among the Rebels fans at Red Cup Rebellion. Understandably so.

Anyway, short of a live workout stream -- the bylaw ramifications of which would be difficult to untangle -- this is about as good as you can do, summer-workout-video-wise. Whether all that cord ripping and tire pushing will get Ole Miss back to the NCAA tournament in 2012-13 is yet to be seen. But I do know this: If iMovie expertise was a selection committee qualification, the Rebels would already have a leg up on the competition.