3-point shot: Orange may keep Big East ties

1.Maryland coach Mark Turgeon would like to see the Las Vegas and Orlando summer-league/AAU events held on different weekends so there is less pressure for coaches to fly between the two and take red eye flights. Both events will occur concurrently during the final evaluation weekend in July 25-29. Meanwhile, Turgeon said Pe'Shon Howard will run Tuesday for the first time since tearing his ACL in February. He played in only 14 games in the middle of the season after missing the first part with a broken foot. "He'll be 100 percent unless there are any setbacks," the coach said of Howard for the start of the season. "Everybody else is healthy." Turgeon loves the new rule allowing coaches to work with their players two hours a week if they’re in summer school. “It allows us to think about basketball in July and then when you’re recruiting you have a sense of what your team needs are. It’s been real helpful.’’

2.Syracuse’s final season in the Big East was expected to be 2012-13 before leaving for the ACC. That became official Monday with the news that the Orange had reached an agreement for an exit fee of $7.5 million to leave a year early. When Syracuse announced it was joining the ACC, Orange coach Jim Boeheim told ESPN.com he would consider playing St. John’s in a non-conference game. That would make plenty of sense for the Orange. Syracuse can get into Madison Square Garden through other events but playing the Red Storm would help with the fan base in New York City. The only other Big East foe that I wouldn’t be surprised if Syracuse scheduled at some point would be Georgetown. The two schools have shown no ill will toward each other with Syracuse’s departure. Syracuse will get into DC by playing Maryland in the ACC but there is a strong bond between Hoyas and Orange. I don’t think you’ll see Syracuse clamoring to play Connecticut early in the ACC years.

3.Pitt and the Big East should reach a settlement at some point soon (haggling over the exit fee in a lawsuit), according to sources, allowing the Panthers to join Syracuse in the ACC in 2013-14. That means the Big East will have 18 teams for 2013-14 (new additions Memphis, Temple, Central Florida, SMU and Houston). The Big East has done a lot of 18-team models but has not presented them to the presidents yet. The league is waiting to see what happens later this year with the next round of television contract negotiations. The way the schedule breaks down with 18 teams will be determined by who and how many networks get the rights to the Big East. The first year of the 18-team league will coincide with the first year of a new Big East television contract.