Apparently, Coach K is into yoga

The U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team has brought a new and entirely social-media-oriented competition to the London Olympic Games. It is called “#GotEm.” The object of the game -- which has been led by Twitter savant and Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love -- is to catch teammates, all of whom are used to fanatical curation of their public images -- in various states of camera surprise. I love this game.

A few days ago, Love Instagrammed a photo of most of Team USA, including Coach K, sleeping soundly on the team plane, headphones and pillows and eye masks in tow. His tweet: “#GotEm ALL. Even Coach K. I win.” Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams have since retaliated.

But the best #GotEm-style tweet thus far came from Williams on Monday, when he caught coach Mike Krzyzewski “working on his yoga before practice.” I don’t know much about yoga, but that it appears Coach K is demonstrating the “child’s pose,” which stretches the back and “normalizes circulation after the head stand.” I’m assuming Coach K hadn’t just completed a head stand, because surely Williams would have shared it. Alas.

In any case, this is why #GotEm is quite possibly my favorite thing about the Olympics, or at least about Team USA’s performance thus far. (Blur’s reunion is pretty tough to top.) The shot of global NBA superstars napping on a plane does more to humanize typically distant players than any PR offensive ever could. And, above all, we learned that Coach K -- a stern, commanding coaching presence if ever there was one -- has a few yoga poses he likes to run through at some point before practice.

Thank you, Kevin Love and Deron Williams, for bringing this knowledge to the greater college basketball populace. We are forever grateful.