A&M moves to SEC with new floor, too

Conference affliation isn’t the only thing changing for the Texas A&M men’s hoops program in 2012–13. The Aggies are also, lo and behold, in the process of building and installing a new hardwood floor at Reed Arena.

Which, OK, I realize is probably not the most exciting piece of information you’ve ever read. It’s certainly not as exciting as, say, the Curiosity Rover tweeting “pics or it didn’t happen” from the surface of Mars. (Bless you, NASA, nerdy Space Camp Polos and all. You guys rule.) But Texas A&M did do us the service of producing a time-lapse video of the construction and design (scored to Explosions in the Sky, no less) and it is actually really interesting to see the behind-the-scenes process that goes into building a fresh new slab of squeaky waxed hardwood.

Not depicted in the video: A&M’s trademark gigantic image of the state of Texas, which has long earned at least some small measure of fame (or infamy) for stretching from one 3-point line to another. It was less a logo than the default design of the court itself. Why? Because the Aggies can’t just let the Longhorns have the biggest Texas image on their court. That would mean symbolic defeat.

As such, one can only assume the finished product will allow A&M to bring its unique brand of Texas-oriented pride to its first season in the SEC. Maybe they’ll even make it bigger! Why not? It is Texas, after all.