Jim Calhoun will ride again

The good news? Jim Calhoun's hip surgery -- necessitated by a fall Calhoun suffered while riding his bike, the second such injury in three years -- went well.

On Monday, a UConn spokesman told the Associated Press that Calhoun's injury did not require a full hip replacement, but was instead alleviated by a hip repair. According to an outside orthopedic surgeon, such an injury typically takes up to three months to fully heal. Calhoun should be fine for the majority of the upcoming college hoops season. He might suffer symptoms in October and November -- and it's defintitely going to be painful in the interim -- but the injury shouldn't prevent him from doing his job once things heal up.

So, hey, all's well that ends well, right? Calhoun got somewhat lucky with a hip repair instead of a replacement. He'll be able to coach all of the 2012-13 season. And he obviously learned an important lesson about the potential for injury when a 70-year-old human being rides a bike, a lesson he will take to heart as he officially retires from recreational biking forever.

Ha, just kidding. Calhoun is totally going to keep riding his bike. From the Hartford Courant's Don Amore via Twitter:

Calhoun "I will bike again." #uconnmen

That seems ... inadvisable? Stupid? Sort of admirable? All three?

Whatever your thoughts -- and I'd imagine UConn fans would prefer Calhoun to avoid any and all potential injury scenarios going forward -- it's hardly surprising. This is Jim Calhoun. For better or worse, busted hip or or busted ribs or all of the above, telling him he can't do something is never a good idea. In time, Calhoun will, like Ernest, ride again.