Kansas freshman Milton Doyle leaving team

Kansas freshman Milton Doyle's Jayhawks career is over before it ever began. Doyle's mother, Lisa Green, told as much to the Kansas City Star and the Lawrence Journal-World Sunday night, though she offered no reason for the departure. From the Journal-World:

“It’s nothing bad about the school or the coaches or anything. Sometimes things happen for a reason,” Green said Sunday from her home in Chicago. She said the decision was reached Sunday, the day before the start of KU’s first semester. She had no further comment on the matter.

Which raises a rather obvious question: Why now? Why did Doyle leave with just two months until the start of practice, after having already been a part of Kansas's August exhibition trip to Europe? Kansas coach Bill Self has yet to comment on the matter, and even when he does, it's unlikely he'll plainly spell out the reasons.

Naturally, this intrigue has Kansas fans abuzz, with some speculating in various comment sections and message boards that Doyle's summer schoolwork wasn't up to snuff, or that he didn't like his playing time or position on the depth chart in Europe, or even that Self was merely retaining Doyle's services in case another of his eight freshmen proved ineligible before the season began.

Doyle originally committed to Isiah Thomas at Florida International, but rescinded his commitment when FIU fired Thomas and replaced him with former Louisville assistant Richard Pitino. Doyle's mother offered no details on an eventual new destination.

Whatever the underlying reasons, at least Doyle got to go to Europe on the Jayhawks' dime. Silver linings, right?