Kentucky blue takes over

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The blue was so prevalent in Bridgestone Arena during Friday's first quarterfinal session that Tennessee guard Bobby Maze would have sworn he was in Rupp Arena.

The Wildcats played the first game and the Vols the second game, both advancing to meet in Saturday's semifinals of the SEC tournament.

"I'm looking around at all that blue and thinking, 'Aren't we in a city in Tennessee?' " Maze said. "I knew a lot about their tradition, but I didn't know how much Kentucky traveled. I had no idea they were going to book every hotel, that they were going to book all the clubs, all the events and buy up all the tickets.

"I mean, they travel like the Million Man March."

Maze scoffed at the notion that 80 percent of the crowd was wearing blue.

"I'd say 97 percent," he huffed.

Indeed, you've got to hand it to Kentucky fans. Not only do they have an uncanny way of finding their way into the arena, but they're resourceful enough to score press passes.

The blue in the interview room was blinding when Kentucky coach John Calipari addressed the media, although nobody broke out into any renditions of "My Old Kentucky Home."