No winners in Gillispie saga -- not yet

There is no joy in Lubbock.

Or at least there shouldn't be.

The Texas Tech saga reached its inevitable and, frankly, only conclusion with Thursday's announcement that Billy Gillispie had resigned to concentrate on his health.

But this isn't a win by any means for anyone.

Certainly not for Texas Tech, which is about to have a different coach for a third straight season and has to reconfigure its program a month shy of practice -- with all of eight wins to build on from last season.

Not for Gillispie, whose reputation is in tatters after burning coaching bridges in Lubbock and Lexington, Ky., in a mere three combined seasons.

And not even for the players, whose in-house insurrection against their coach sparked all of this. They are left with an interim head coach and the stigma of this entire sordid affair.

No, this is not a day to celebrate or even breathe a sigh of relief in Lubbock.

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