Williams tumor benign; biopsy next week

The tumor removed from North Carolina coach Roy Williams' right kidney is benign, the school announced Tuesday.

The Hall of Fame coach will have a biopsy on the tumor on his left kidney next week. If it is found to be the same type of tumor -- a non-cancerous oncocytoma -- a second surgery would not be needed.

"We are pleased with how well Coach Williams is doing," Dr. Eric Wallen, a professor of urology at UNC who led the surgical team, said in a prepared statement. "If everything continues to progress as expected, he should be back to his normal activities soon."

An analysis of the tumor removed via a 3½-hour surgery last Wednesday showed it to be an oncocytoma, which is a benign tumor of the kidney that is often indistinguishable from kidney cancer on X-rays, according to the news release. Unlike cancerous tumors, oncocytomas do not spread.

The school said after the surgery last week that Williams is expected to be back on the court when UNC opens preseason practice next month. Wallen said then that he expects Williams "to coach this season and for years to come." If Williams does undergo a second surgery after next week's biopsy, he could miss some practice time, but likely not any games.

A team spokesman said Tuesday that Williams has not been cleared to travel, but he has been in the office to say hello to the players and staff.

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