Marquette excited for season to start, too

Blogging about college basketball in the offseason is, even at its best, an exercise in creative determination. There's no basketball to write about, so we write about everything tangential to basketball -- coaching changes, transfers, obscure NCAA rules, recruiting, conference (ugh) realignment. From a work perspective, it starts off kind of nice. After a furious March, you get to relax a bit. But within a month or two -- long since past at this point -- I start itching for actual basketball again.

I must say, I'm glad to see the Marquette Golden Eagles feel my pain:

Anytime you get Junior Cadougan signing, you know you've hit a dark place in the basketball-free calendar. Brilliant stuff.

The good news, not only for college hoops fans but for that unfortunate Marquette choir, is that Midnight Madness is just nine days away. The start of the season comes in just over a month. We are tantalizingly close to real, actual college basketball. It can't come soon enough.

(Hat tip: Beyond the Arc)