3-point shot: Secret scrimmages

1. Our UNC blogger Robbi Pickeral reported that North Carolina will play Georgetown in a scrimmage. Texas will play Gonzaga once again in Colorado in a scrimmage. Countless teams conduct these scrimmages against each other in lieu of an exhibition game with paid fans in attendance. Each team can play two exhibitions and has the choice to either play non-Division I teams as exhibitions or go against each other in scrimmages. But in an NCAA-world of over legislation, the secret scrimmage is one of the most absurd. The NCAA and the school compliance offices scare the coaches into discussing the scrimmages and also prevent media access. These are two teams that are traveling to a site, sometimes neutral, mostly on a campus, and playing a game. These events should be recorded. `

2. UConn’s announcement that it has put $24 million toward a new practice facility is an interesting development in what will occur with the future of the program. The estimated cost is $32 million, meaning that the Huskies just need $8 million more to complete construction. But I keep going back to this point: I can’t see how the administration would run the risk of angering Jim Calhoun and the basketball alumni by not hiring Kevin Ollie and his staff -- which now has two UConn former players in Kevin Freeman and Ricky Moore -- long term. Keep in mind that Calhoun isn’t going anywhere in the short term with his office still in the building. If UConn doesn’t hire Ollie then Calhoun would see his entire staff essentially fired.

3. The ACC, Big East and Big 12 are holding media days Wednesday in Charlotte, New York and Kansas City, respectively. Next Thursday, the SEC will be in Birmingham and the Big Ten will be in suburban Chicago for their media days. The sport would benefit if the leagues would get together and spread out these affairs to maximize the coverage of each. College hoops takes a backseat in early October with the NFL, college football and baseball playoffs. Spreading out the coverage simply makes more sense to have a chance to get a pop that resonates for each league.