3-point shot: Delaying game the right call

1. Weather will delay the San Diego State-Syracuse game on the USS Midway in San Diego from Friday to Sunday, but I applaud the commitment to ensure this game still occurs. The safety of the players has to be at the forefront, as well as ensuring that the game goes off as normal as possible. Playing outdoors is a risk but the atmosphere on the Naval ship was and will likely remain spectacular. I applaud Syracuse's Jim Boeheim and San Diego State's Steve Fisher for staying with this game despite a few hiccups. Regardless of when it is played, the game should be one of the best in the opening week and contribute to the honoring of troops during this Veterans Day weekend.

2. Bryant opens up against No. 1 Indiana Friday night in Bloomington, and Bulldogs coach Tim O'Shea made a great point about playing these type of games. The best time for a game of this magnitude for a lower-level program is at the beginning of the season. The players are amped up to play the top-ranked team and haven't suffered any bruising of confidence yet. If a mismatch like this was played in mid to late December, then it can have a disastrous effect on the team. If the squad were to get hammered, it could leave a mark that is hard to erase before a team's conference season begins. If Bryant is drilled Friday, as expected, then the Bulldogs have the game out of the way and can focus on the more manageable tasks at hand well before Thanksgiving.

3. Watch the decals this weekend when the games begin to see if they are properly placed on the court and sealed. There was an offseason movement to ensure that these stickers would not peel up and be a potential hazard during games. I won't be surprised if we see fewer decals in tournaments. The best way to change the look of the court without an issue is to cover the baselines and end lines with sponsorships. The middle of the court could become off-limits in future years if there are problems again.