South Dakota State's shot of the night

Normally, when Mason Plumlee does something that has me reciting simple facts in lieu of analysis -- e.g., his face-melting one-handed alley-oop in last night's gutty Duke victory over No. 4 Ohio State -- the award for College Basketball Nation Shot of the Night would basically be an open-and-shut affair. (You shouldn't be able to be that big and also run that fast and jump that high. It seems a little bit unfair.)

But, no, sorry. The South Dakota State Jackrabbits see your insane dunk, Mason, and raise you a thoroughly ridiculous buzzer-beater:

That was Jackrabbits guard Chad White and, yes, that was White's second buzzer-beating 3 in the past 12 days. Clearly, White has gotten just a little bit fed up with the indie-rock adulation afforded star Nate Wolters, and has decided -- a la, say, Albert Hammond, Jr. -- to strike out and earn his own acclaim.

Or he caught the ball with a few seconds left and realized he needed to fling that thing and pray, and he did, and it went in. Either way: awesome shot.