How did NCAA approve Notre Dame unis?

Notre Dame's "blackout" uniforms didn't offer much in the way of readability. Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Quick, who's in that photo shown above?

If you're not sure, well, that was the problem during the Kentucky-Notre Dame game last night, as the Irish wore "blackout" uniforms that left fans, broadcasters, and officials struggling to figure out who was whom. The uniform numbers were just barely discernible -- good thing, because the players' names were completely swallowed up by the black hole. How was this design even approved by the NCAA? (You can see more photos here and here.)

The blackout stunt recalls another infamous uniform from Notre Dame basketball history: the notorious lime green uni from 1991. But at least that design was legible.

Say this much for the Irish: Between the blackout uni and the bizarre football helmet from earlier this year, the school is certainly changing its image as a bastion of traditionalism. Maybe that's the point.