Bubble drama goes to the wire

With only four games on Selection Sunday, it would be reasonable to expect that most of the bubble drama of the preceding month had been settled, that the NCAA tournament selection committee will have settled much of its bracket, that there's little to decide on the final day of non-NCAA-tourney tourneys.

Not so much.

Instead, there's plenty of bubble drama to be had today. Sunday features two teams squarely on the bubble fighting for their tournament lives -- Minnesota in the Big Ten and Mississippi State in the SEC. Both teams are actually remarkably similar in story and profile. Minnesota was picked to be a top 25 team, failed out of the gate, lost a heralded freshman to suspension and made a push in the Big Ten tournament. Mississippi State was picked to be a top 20 team, failed out of the gate, lost a heralded freshman to suspension (Renardo Sidney's NCAA investigation ended but two weeks ago), and made a push in the SEC tournament.

Minnesota has pushed through into Joe Lunardi's latest bracket, replacing Illinois as the fifth Big Ten team in. Meanwhile, Mississippi State sits right on the cusp, the first team out in Lunardi's estimation. There are currently nine spots for four at-large bids, and with conference titles and the corresponding at-large berths at stake, both teams have a chance to make it very easy on the committee. (At least where their own fates are concerned, that is; winning would no doubt force the committee into some last-second switches right before the bracket is due at 6 p.m. ET.) Both teams will play their conference's No. 1 seed, as Mississippi State will take on Kentucky at 1 p.m. ET and Minnesota throw itself at the mercy of the Ohio State Fightin' Evan Turners at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Add that intrigue to the conversation Duke will launch if, as expected, the Blue Devils get an ACC tournament win over Georgia Tech at 1 p.m. ET today -- will Duke or West Virginia get that last No. 1 seed? -- and you've got a full day of drama ahead. Get ready. It's going to be awesome.