Colorado-Colorado State rivalry heats up

Colorado and Colorado State have a rivalry.

Unless you are either from Colorado, have lived there, or have friends that moved out there after college to ski a lot and "find themselves," you may not realize this. As far as rivalries go, this one has historically been confined to football. The Rocky Mountain Showdown began in 1893, was played continuously until 1958, was revived in 1983, and continues to this day, even if both football teams are down and the primary attraction is mascot-on-mascot violence.

The basketball rivalry has been far less intense. There are a variety of reasons for that, but maybe the biggest one is that Colorado and Colorado State have rarely, if ever, been good at basketball at the same time.

With Tim Miles leading Colorado State to the tournament last season, and Larry Eustachy looking to do the same with a veteran team this year, and the excellent job Tad Boyle has done building Colorado into a sustainable program, it's safe to say that is no longer true.

Which is perhaps why we're starting to get all the signs of a good rivalry, starting with Spencer Dinwiddie's smack talk (hat tip: Rob Dauster):

Most annoying to the Buffs: CSU fans rushing the court after the Rams’ 65-64 victory over CU in Fort Collins last season.

“It was a one-point game last year and they rushed the court,” CU guard Spencer Dinwiddie said. “They showed how much it meant to them to beat us.” Asked about the irritation level CU had with Rams fans rushing the court, Dinwiddie deadpanned, “A little bit” before going further.

“You just kind of see when the little brother beats the big brother once, then they are going to be happy, they are going to rush the court,” Dinwiddie said. “When we win tomorrow night, I don’t think our fans are going to do that.”

Ahh, nothing like a "little brother" comment to get the rivalry juices flowing. Gets 'em every time. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Colorado State fans have much of a retort: Colorado is up 83-37 in the all-time series, but CSU has captured two of the last three and four of the last seven victories, including last season, which obviously did not please Mr. Dimwiddie one bit.

Anyway: Colorado! Colorado State! Rivalry game! Who knew?

(Edit: An earlier version of this post cited the CU vs. CSU women's historical record as the men's. I've since corrected the numbers. My apologies for the mistake. I might need to get more sleep, or just read press releases more carefully. Maybe both.)