Rick Pitino will answer your phone

My apartment building's call-code box is broken. After nearly a year of not needing to bring keys with me to walk the dog (because it's easier to type in the code), there are occasionally some mornings -- this one, in fact -- when I forget to bring my keys with me. Having spent 45 minutes in the Chicago winter waiting to be let in by a landlord, I can assure you this won't happen again.

Having your cell phone go off in a news conference is a little bit like that. It is always in the back of your mind, but it has to happen to you once or twice for the embarrassment to become real. This is why being a student reporter, though miserable at the time, is helpful. But it happens to all of us.

On Saturday, it happened to Louisville WNDA sports radio host Bob Domine. Domine's cell phone happened to be sitting on Louisville coach Rick Pitino's news conference table (the iPhone has all but killed the $30 digital recorder, too) and, naturally, hilarity ensued:

That could have gone the exact opposite way. It is not unusual for a coach to take umbrage at a random buzzing from an unchecked mobile; plenty of college basketball coaches treat their news conferences like a cross between a sermon and a psychological trench war. On another day, perhaps Pitino would have blown up. But Saturday, with his highly ranked team rolling, he had every reason to be in a good mood.