Before decision, Parkers maintain suspense

Thursday afternoon, the No. 2-ranked player in the class of 2013 will announce his collegiate decision on ESPNU. Jabari Parker's high school career has been illustrious, and he's long since gotten that Sports Illustrated cover out of the way. But his long-term hoops destiny remains very much in doubt.

A week ago, it seemed like a decision was already made, or something close to it. Last Wednesday, USA Today and the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Parker would make his decision on Dec. 20 at his high school, Simeon Career Academy, on Chicago's southwest side. And his dad, Sonny Parker, offered some pretty clear hints on where he thought his son was heading, telling USA Today he thought it would "probably be between Duke and Michigan State."

Not so fast, pop. On Tuesday, Parker's father reiterated to ESPN Chicago's Scott Powers that he was basically guessing, and that the decision was far from made:

"He's still weighing things," Parker's father, Sonny Parker, said. "I'm his dad. I don't know where he's going to. I could ask him what school he's going to, and he'll say I'm not 100 percent sure. Hopefully, he'll know something by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

"It's a mystery to me. He'll make the right decision. We know he'll make the right decision for him."

Sonny had told USA Today last week that he thought his son would decide between Duke and Michigan State. On Tuesday, Sonny said he believed all the teams were still in the mix.

"That was how I felt at that particular time," Sonny said. "They've been in there since his freshman year. That's why I looked at those schools with coach [Tom] Izzo and Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski], but that's because they were recruiting him the longest. He's still looking at all the schools. It could be anyone still."

In other words, fans of Florida, Stanford and especially BYU -- who are so desperate to land Parker they created a Gangnam Style parody in his honor; that's dedication -- can dry their eyes, at least for the next 24 hours or so. Because, sure, it may not look great. It may be one in five, or one in a million. But Sonny Parker is telling you there's a chance.