Parker just couldn't say no to Duke

CHICAGO -- Jabari Parker didn't have fun on his visit to Duke.

In fact, it was his worst. He "wanted to be a kid," he said. The Duke visit was "all about business."

Nor was Parker impressed by Duke assistant coach Chris Collins' close ties to the Chicago area. "He's not from Chicago," Parker said. "He's from Northbrook."

And no, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski didn't let Parker see a side of him no one else sees, or lower himself to the always-low levels many college coaches are willing to stoop to land a first-order talent like Parker's.

"He didn't let his guard down," Parker said. "He's Coach K."

The No. 2-ranked player in the class of 2012 had a great relationship with Michigan State's Tom Izzo, an even better tie to Billy Donovan, and a chance to be a religious and cultural hero to not only BYU fans but Mormons across the world.

Yet none of it was enough to lure him away from four-time national champion Duke, and its legend of a head coach.

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