Evan Turner wants your love (la la la)

Evan Turner is a monster on the court, the kind of athletic specimen -- 6-foot-7, long arms, perfect footwork, uncanny instincts -- built to dominate college basketball. At season's end, Turner will almost certainly be given a plethora of player of the year awards, and he will deserve them. He, is, without question, the baddest man in college hoops.

Off the court? Less bad. Turner has always seemed like a friendly, laid-back type. But thanks to Mark Titus, we now know that Turner has a softer side, a side that enjoys synth-laden ear candy, a side that wants your ugly, wants your disease. Evan Turner wants your love (love love love, a ra ra ra).

What I'm saying is that Evan Turner really likes Lady Gaga. A lot:

The Villain is listening to Lady Gaga. I can’t make this up. … He’s listening to “Bad Romance”. On repeat. For 5th time.

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp wonders if there is a bracket-related conclusion to be drawn from Turner's enjoyment of "Bad Romance." I will refuse to draw any such conclusion. Doing so would force me to likewise draw conclusions about literally every single woman I know (seriously, women in their 20s and 30s love Lady Gaga), almost every single one of my friends, and myself.

What? It's not my fault Lady Gaga writes insanely catchy hooks. Stop looking at me like that!