3-point shot: Big East anxious over TV deal

1. Schools remaining in the Big East, like UConn, are getting anxious about the lack of a television deal for the 2013-14 basketball season. UConn had expected it would hear about the details of the deal by the New Year. But that was put off once the Catholic 7 decided to bolt earlier in the month (possibly as early as 2014, although they'd love to get out by 2013). Connecticut athletic director Warde Manuel said the school needs to know what kind of revenue it would receive next year from television, a must for all of the remaining schools. Meanwhile, don't expect the remaining Big East schools to allow Boise State to cut its own rights deal to keep home television profits. The Broncos are trying to be BYU and Notre Dame, which have national and international followings. But Boise State, which hasn't joined the Big East yet in competition, isn't going to get that kind of deal if schools like UConn can help it.

2. The Huskies should be applauded for following through on their commitment to Sandy Hook Elementary school and the survivors of the horrific shooting on Dec. 14 that killed 20 children and six adults. The Huskies continue to wear the SH patch on their uniforms. On Thursday the men's team went to Newtown and held a clinic for roughly 150 kids in the area. UConn officials said Saturday that the school has already raised $500,000 in a scholarship fund, set aside for siblings of the victims or graduates of Sandy Hook Elementary who would want to attend UConn. UConn women's coach Geno Auriemma personally pledged $80,000.

3. The NBA draft could be one of the worst in recent memory. A number of NBA scouts and decision makers I've come across at various games the past few months aren't thrilled to have picks in this draft. They would love to see the NBPA change the rule so that players have to be two years removed from high school and not just one. They think this would strengthen future drafts since players would be more experienced, mature and older. The lack of the proven commodity in this draft means it's a fluid situation and the flavor of the month for a number of scouts are two freshmen -- UNLV's Anthony Bennett and Kansas' Ben McLemore.