3-point shot: Big heat in Big East

1.Officials have to be held accountable for their actions when there is a mistake. Just like coaches, players and yes, even those of us in the media who cover the games and the sport. That’s why it was good to see Big East official Karl Hess come out late Tuesday night and say officials were wrong in not giving Connecticut a goal-tending basket in overtime after the officials failed to realize UConn and Marquette were facing the wrong way to start the extra period. UConn coach Kevin Ollie said late Tuesday that he realized immediately in the locker room in reading the rule book that the officials got it wrong. Marquette won the game in OT but that first UConn bucket could have changed the momentum of the extra period.

2.The Big East break up will continue to be a hot topic for the next two months as the seven Catholic schools discuss a departure and the league attempts to get a television deal for next season. But what can’t be lost is how competitive the final Big East season, at least as we know it now perhaps, should be over the next two months. Expect plenty of final possession games and a league that once again will place a high percentage of teams in the tournament.

3.Gonzaga's dominance over the Big 12 this season (wins at Oklahoma State, over Oklahoma in Orlando, West Virginia and Baylor at home, Kansas State in Seattle, Texas in a scrimmage in Boulder) begs the question why or when will the Zags play Kansas? KU and Gonzaga confirm there was talk of a series at one point, with a game being played in Seattle. But it never got too serious. The Zags' Big 12 record should be a clear indicator that it would be a top two team this season (behind Kansas) if it were in the Big 12. I used to hate those arguments that a team from outside a power six couldn't hang in an elite conference. Well, Gonzaga should silence that theory.