Fran McCaffery is quick on his feet

On Sunday, Iowa guard Aaron White threw a shoe at his coach. True story.

When I first heard of this (on Twitter, of course) ... well, let's just say my interest was piqued. I assumed White threw his shoe in some sort of bizarre locker room confrontation. Then I thought, "That doesn't sound right." And then you watch the following clip from Iowa's 70-50 win at Northwestern Sunday, and it all begins to make sense:

As you can see, White was actually making the right "play," in so far as we can call court clean-up a play. Having a loose shoe sitting in the middle of the floor could be legitimately dangerous. With the ball reset at the top of the key, White had time to run up and chuck the thing to the sideline. And he did. And it nearly hit Fran McCaffery in the face.

But McCaffery was fast on his feet, and he dodged White's dastardly attempt like some sort of besuited ninja. It was impressive stuff, and it inspired the geniuses at Black Heart Gold Pants to make this .gif, so all in all I'd say Sunday was a success.