Big Ten sits atop conference rankings

The Big Ten leads the way in this season’s first installment of ESPN Stats & Info’s weekly college basketball rankings. The rankings include a human element from the Top 25 polls and a computer portion, which is comprised entirely of the BPI.

The BPI is ESPN’s College Basketball Power Index. The BPI team rating takes into account the game score, where the game was played, the pace of the game and whether any of the team’s top five players was missing. For a complete explanation on the College BPI, click here.

The Big Ten is atop this week’s conference rankings largely because of its human bonus, more than double the next closest conference in the polls (Big East). The Big Ten has six teams in the Top 25 AP poll, four of which are ranked in the top 11 in the nation.

The Big East is currently getting the most respect from the BPI, with a conference rating of 57.7. The conference has five teams in the top 25 of the BPI, the most of any conference. However, the Big East is not as impressive in the human polls. Despite Louisville sitting at No. 1 in both polls this week, the Big East has four teams in the Top 25, only two of which are in the top 15.

The Mountain West Conference is fifth in this week’s rankings, ahead of both the Big 12 and SEC. The MWC has a 13-14 record (.481 win pct) against teams from the Power Six conferences this season, and currently has five teams in the top 40 of the BPI, while the SEC only has three.

The SEC has struggled this season, and only has two teams ranked in the AP and USA Today Top 25 polls (Florida and Missouri). In non-conference play, the SEC posted a 17-33 record (.340 win pct) against teams from the Power Six conferences, including a 4-13 mark against the Big East.