A.L.: Calipari keeps expectations low

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  • Even in a profession populated by those who never want people to think their team is good until they're on the bubble in March, John Calipari has always been uniquely proficient at managing -- read: lowering -- public expectations of his teams. Naturally, he's back at it after Kentucky's impressive win at Ole Miss Tuesday night, although in this case he probably has a point: “Look, our thing is way out in front of us still,” Calipari said. “We came from Auburn and did what we did. And then what did we do the next game? ... Two guys didn’t show up for the game (at Alabama). They might (as well) not have gotten on the bus. So we have a long ways to go.”

  • You shouldn't need me to tell you Luke Winn's Power Rankings are worth your immediate attention … but just in case, here you go.

  • Forbes, as Forbes is wont to do, ranked college basketball coaches based on salary, and there are some surprising results: "Who is the best college basketball coach in the country for the money? The calculations have been made and the results might surprise you. If you thought it might be a legend like Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski or an upstart newcomer like Butler’s boy wonder coach Brad Stevens, guess again, because they didn’t even make the list. In fact, when it comes to a school’s return on investment in basketball, #1 on our lists of the best college basketball coaches for the money are taken by Saint Bonaventure’s Mark Schmidt (High-Majors) and South Dakota State’s Scott Nagy (Mid-Major)."

  • Duke fan attends Miami game. Duke fan experiences hostile treatment from Miami fans. Duke fan writes a column for the student paper complaining about said hostile treatment that includes the following paragraph: "Four-plus years as Cameron Crazies, hard-earned Duke degrees and constitutionally protected freedom of speech notwithstanding, senior administrators of the undergraduate campus dared scold us for wearing Duke blue to a basketball game. The catty, disparaging and immature attitude they displayed during this exchange was astounding. The fact that not one, but two top university officials felt the need to bully six graduate students and attempt to punish us for a lack of 'school spirit' suggests an unfathomable depth of insecurity." And also this, about mascots: "At least our Blue Devil has class." Naturally, the response to this column has been overwhelmingly positive. (Ha. No.)

  • The latest news from O'Bannon v. NCAA: "In dismissing a motion by the NCAA to prevent football and men's basketball players from legally pursuing a cut of live broadcast revenues, a federal court judge Tuesday raised the stakes for the governing body of college sports as it defends its economic model. Judge Claudia Wilken issued her ruling Tuesday, rejecting the NCAA's motion that players in the antitrust suit led by former UCLA star Ed O'Bannon should be precluded from advancing their lawsuit on procedural grounds."

  • John Gasaway has some great analysis on three teams whose per-possession numbers don't match up with their rankings: K-State and Butler, whose numbers lag behind their rankings, and Pitt, whose perception remains vastly different from the top-20 level stats they've recorded in pretty much every analytics model thus far this season.

  • A Division II player dunked between his legs during the game. The best part? It was his second attempt, and the first, a miss, came during a "crucial stretch." Onions!