Halftime: Tennessee 34, San Diego State 26

PROVIDENCE, R.I. –- Tennessee up 34-26 at the half:

I came here anticipating that the two tight games would be the games involving the 6-11 and 7-10 games, not the two high Big East seeds. Whoops.

• Tennessee seemed to be in control most of the half. I think we forget the Vols had played well the week prior to the SEC semifinal game against Kentucky. So it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that Tennessee played well against San Diego State. The Aztecs aren’t Kentucky.

• Is J.P. Prince the most-maligned and least-discussed member of the Vols’ starting lineup? All he did was lead the Vols in scoring in the first 20 minutes with 11 points.

• The Aztecs can’t beat Tennessee by being a jump-shooting team. Need evidence? Just look at the 2 of 12 shooting on 3-pointers. Tennessee’s defense had something to do with that and their overall 32 percent shooting.

• The season started with Kentucky and Tennessee as the two best SEC teams. The day will likely end with those two as the only remaining SEC teams in the NCAA tournament.

• Who would have thought that Saint Mary’s playing early in the day would show less of an effect of traveling cross country than the Aztecs playing in the last game with the second half starting after 11 p.m. EDT.