Tim Miles does the Harlem Shake

By now I assume anyone reading this is familiar with the Harlem Shake meme. But if you haven't been on the Internet 18 hours a day for two months like yours truly, I suppose this one could have slipped by you. For example: My roommate had no idea, because he actually does work at his office. Crazy, right?

So, a little explanation: The song is a banging trap music track by Baauer, and the videos are essentially the result of people on the Internet finding a weird thing on YouTube, thinking it's funny, and replicating it a million times over. (It's a little like "Call Me Maybe," only actually good.)

The only rules: The video's first 15 seconds must start with one person, wearing a helmet or some other mask, dancing alone. The last 15 seconds must be a full-on dance party.

The best I've seen thus far came from the Georgia swim team, which somehow timed everything beautifully underwater. Or you could watch this compilation, which ought to give you a pretty good idea.

And now that you're all caught up, you can watch Nebraska athletics' edition, which stars Herbie Husker, Cornhuskers fans and a visibly confused coach Tim Miles:

It may look like he has no idea what he's gotten himself into, but don't be fooled: Miles is one of the smartest coaches out there, and few have leveraged the power of the Internet to generate interest and coverage where otherwise there might be none. If you're willing to tweet at the halftime of games — even if those tweets are scathing — you probably won't blanch at showing up for the Harlem Shake. It might even have been his idea. And anyway, it's a reason to talk about those rebuilding Nebraska Cornhuskers. Look! We're doing it right now.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much longer this fad can continue. I give it about a week. Things move fast out here on the Internet; I'm sure I'll be sick of it soon. But right now? Hilarious.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)