Hoops? What hoops?

BUFFALO -- After feasting on a steady diet of NCAA-mandated popcorn and pretzels for eight hours, a few of us writer types decided to forage for food and hoops here in Buffalo. Didn't seem like a complicated proposition. After all, this is one of the NCAA tournament sub-regional sites.

On the recommendation of many, we went to a restaurant (that shall remain nameless to protect the idiots) that had ample televisions: a perfect combination.

As veteran NCAA tourney watchers, we immediately spied the first problem. The restaurant, which bills itself as sort of a sports bar, hadn't purchased the March Madness package. Every television was showing the same game.

It was a slight crinkle, but not one bad enough to send us to the sidewalk before we had finished eating.

And then about 10 minutes into our meal, all but one of the television screens went blank. The channel was changed.

To hockey.

The Sabres were playing at Tampa Bay.

I now know how an NHL writer would feel if left alone in Kentucky.