Lipscomb files complaint over Arizona buzzer beater

Lipscomb has filed a complaint with the Atlantic Sun in protest of Nic Wise's three-pointer at the buzzer that lifted the Wildcats to an 83-82 win on Monday night in Tucson, reports Mike Organ of The Tennessean.

Referees stuck with their original call that the ball left Wise's hand with time remaining on the clock after taking time to review the play. Lipscomb radio announcer Jonathan Seamon wrote that one official even asked for a pair of glasses.

Bisons coach Scott Sanderson declined comment after the game, but is now fighting back.

"I don't want in any way, shape or form to sound like there's sour grapes on our behalf, but the clock showed 0:00 and the ball was still in (Wise's) hands,'' Sanderson told The Tennessean. "The red light on top of the backboard was on. We looked at it frame-by-fame."