Halftime: Clemson 39, Missouri 39

BUFFALO -- Some halftime observations from the HSBC Arena:

  • No big surprise, this is a track meet. Both teams love to get out and go and are happily getting out and going.

  • Clemson is playing right into Missouri's hands. The Orange Tigers (we have to differentiate somehow) have coughed up 13 turnovers, leading to 16 easy points. Nothing makes Mizzou's eyes light up more than a chance for a runout and the Gold Tigers have been given ample opportunity with 10 fast-break points.

  • Clemson's ability to score from outside has been critical. The Orange Tigers are 8-of-13 from the arc but they ought to be able to expose Mizzou's beat-up interior more with Trevor Booker. The big man only has three touches and two points.

  • Meanwhile, the undermanned Gold Tiger interior (Justin Safford done with an ACL and Laurence Bowers is playing with a bad wrist) has 12 points in the form of Keith Ramsey in a head-scratching surprise.