Halftime: Syracuse 37, Vermont 25

BUFFALO -- Some quick reactions from halftime:

  • Jim Boeheim looks like he ate a bucket of lemons and for good reason. Syracuse will likely win this game going away, but the Orange certainly got a little full of their wonder late in the second half, letting Vermont turn a 25-point hole with 6:39 left into a respectable 12-point deficit by the break.

  • Boeheim looked especially thrilled when the ridiculously athletic Marqus Blakely threw down not one, not two but three monster dunks -- including two alley oops. Blakley has nine points early.

  • Think it would behoove Boeheim to get DaShonte Riley some minutes in the second half. The Orange don't need him here, but they might against Gonzaga, and it would serve the freshman well to play more than mop-up minutes. He was in for three minutes in the first half. He needs work with the starters if Arinze Onuaku is going to be out long term.

  • In the true spirit of a Philly guard, Scoop Jardine is like a firecracker. He ignites Syracuse from the bench, plays with a speed that leaves people flat-footed (literally in this game) and is fearless and brash. One of the most fun guys to watch in college basketball right now if you enjoy players who play with passion and energy from the opening tip.