Final: Syracuse 79, Vermont 56

BUFFALO -- Some quick thoughts from the end of a long day, especially if you're a Vermont fan.

  • Not sure what Syracuse can glean from this game. Certainly for a team whose vulnerabilities were exposed with back-to-back losses and a critical injury, the thumping of Vermont is a nice salve but in terms of preparation for the next game? This isn't getting it done. Vermont doesn't exactly play at Gonzaga's speed.

  • I'm sure Jim Boeheim will hone in on the momentary lapses of focus his Orange displayed. Syracuse was never going to lose or really even be challenged but they did ease off the pedal every now and again and it's a habit the Orange can't afford to get in as the competition ratchets up considerably here in two days.

  • Judging by this game, I'm going to guess that Boeheim is going to run with a six-man lineup as long as he can while Arinze Onuaku rehabs his quad injury. DaShonte Riley only played a handful of minutes in a game that was never in trouble. Unless Rick Jackson or someone else gets in serious foul trouble, I expect Boeheim to stick with his five starters plus Scoop Jardine off the bench. The question is: Will it work against a Gonzaga team that likes to get up and down the floor? We'll see.